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From Students to Storytellers

Mocha’s Journey with LJMU

It’s been 24 years since five LJMU students founded Mocha, and it’s safe to say that both LJMU and Mocha have undergone significant changes in that time.

As residents of the city, we’ve lived through it's modern renaissance and as Mocha, had the privilege of documenting that journey since the turn of the century.

Liverpool has been a hub of commerce and culture for hundreds of years, with a rich history in shipbuilding, trade, and music. It was the growth of these industries that led to the creation of LJMU, as local merchants and manufacturers sought to improve the skills of the city's workforce. The Mechanics Institute, as it was originally known, offered classes in subjects such as mathematics, mechanics, and engineering. Over the years, it expanded its offerings to include subjects like art, music, and science, and in 1992, it officially became Liverpool John Moores University.

LJMU, a university that has always been ahead of its time, is now celebrating its 200th anniversary, and Mocha is honored to be the company chosen to help tell this important story. From their roots as students at LJMU to their role as storytellers for the university, Mocha has come full circle. The team at Mocha is honored to be a part of LJMU’s legacy, and to help tell the story of this hugely significant milestone.

LJMU 200 - always ahead of our time

Throughout its history, LJMU has been dedicated to providing a high-quality education to its students, and has made significant investments in its facilities and resources. Mocha is no exception. Our founders' education at LJMU equipped them with the skills and knowledge they needed to start a successful business, and the university has continued to support Mocha over the years by continuing to commission us for various projects. Today, the university is home to over 25,000 students and offers over 400 courses in a wide range of subjects. LJMU is also renowned for its research programs, with a focus on areas such as biomedicine, engineering, and the arts.

In telling the story of LJMU’s 200th anniversary, we are celebrating not only the university’s past, but also its bright future and to inspire the next generation of students to continue the university’s legacy of excellence. The team at Mocha is honored to be a part of LJMU’s story and to help celebrate this important milestone in the university’s history.

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