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Hidden Heroes

BAE Systems



Lifting morale and focussing minds

BAE Systems had gone through a challenging few years which had impacted staff morale. To mark the launch of a new company wide strategy, the client wanted to make a film that would build pride, purpose, and community within their people.

We proposed filming a day in the life of BAE Systems, showing that every member of staff was a valuable part of the organisation. We featured real colleagues from security guards to test pilots, people manufacturing components to cleaners. The finished piece was sound tracked by a song called Hall of Fame which, due to the success of the film, became an unofficial anthem for staff at BAE systems.

The film was responsible for a 25% uplift in people's understanding and appreciation of the strategy and how it impacted on them. BAE Systems Head of Communications said “It was more than comms. It started a conversation. It created a community.”

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Hidden Heroes
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