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BAE Ideas Factory

BAE Systems


BAE Systems were looking to recruit the best and brightest talent into their business. They conducted insight which told them talking about the technology they work with - rather than their product - would appeal most to their target audience of STEM students and tasked us with making a film that did just that.

We broke down what ‘technology’ would mean to our viewers and decided to highlight how at BAE systems they would be able to: work on the latest tech, have a career where it would be possible to start off in one part of the business and have a number of career changes throughout their time at BAE, travel internationally, diversify their portfolio of skills through training, work on important and exciting projects covering sovereign capability, and see the impact their input had in platforms that will be around for many years.

Production began but was interrupted during our discovery and development stage by the COVID pandemic. We had to pivot the approach we were taking from filming people in person to an animation. We selected a number of different illustrators, got their mood boards together and conducted some focus groups with the target audience to identify the style that would resonate most strongly with them. They overwhelmingly gravitated towards an isometric approach from Cosmic Lab, a team of illustrators based in Valencia, Spain.

Cosmic Lab created a vision of the ‘Ideas Factory’. We called it an Ideas Factory because that was a line which came out of the insight we did with the young people in early careers roles at BAE Systems. Visually the Ideas Factory was a dreamlike, fantasy factory of the future. Within it we included real aspects of BAE Systems too, like quantum computing, augmented reality cockpits, modelling and simulations.

Assets were taken from the animation and used as part of a whole Ideas Factory campaign which was targeted at young people on Instagram.

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