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Inside the Ideas Factory takes a look behind the curtain of Workstream One, BAE Systems' research and development function, the part of the business that comes up with the innovative ideas which get used in their new aircraft and other technologies. BAE wanted to tell a story about the importance of that capability but it was very complicated to explain and touched on topics that were sensitive from a commercial and a security perspective.

We ran a number of workshops with the client where we captured inputs from subject matter experts across Workstream One business about all the various components involved from operational analysis to concept engineering, research and technology to maintenance. Our workshops drew out insights about the audience we were trying to reach and what we should be aiming for that audience to think, feel, and do after watching the content we would make. Then we scripted interview questions to ask various people within the business and we identified who those people should be.

Our workshops had revealed that people kept having to stand up and draw diagrams and pictures to explain what they meant as they were discussing very conceptual and high level stuff. We factored the need for these diagrams into our filming, we shot on multi-camera and as our contributors spoke about different capabilities in Workstream One our visual treatment had the concepts that were being discussed by animating into the space around the interviewee.

The audience reaction after our video went live was phenomenal, The film showcased the team who were behind the new Tempest demonstrator. After we showcased the team and their capabilities, it was announced Workstream One would be turned into the team who will be working on the first manned platform in the UK for 40 years. An exciting development for our contributors inside the Ideas Factory and BAE Systems.

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