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Offering prospective students a real view of what their future study could look like

LJMU wanted to showcase their facilities to various schools in a series of films.

We conducted insight and found that students reacted better to seeing their peers on screen so we decided to get a current student who was familiar with the space to lead a guided tour for our viewers. The faculty marketing managers provided us with key messages which we used as the basis of the script that our student delivered. We were keen for the piece to be visually distinctive, so we used Insta360 cameras to add dynamic movement to the shots, creating additional visual interest to draw in viewers. Filming in this way gave us interesting shots to play with in the edit, allowing us to create videos that would look like an authentic part of the viewer’s timeline and would be distinctive and eye enough to stop them from scrolling.

The final films are distinctive visually and have an authentic tone thanks to being led by real students. We can’t wait to hear the audience’s reaction when the films launch later this year.

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