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Spot the Emergency

Public health research



Engaging content to drive behaviour change

Public Health Liverpool found that new parents of children under the age of two were likely to treat any health issue with their child - even common illnesses - as an emergency. They wanted an attention-grabbing campaign to inform people of treatment services available to them, outside of accident and emergency departments.

We conducted a series of focus groups with new parents to find out what creative ideas best resonated with them. Using this insight, we crafted storylines to make our target audience recognise themselves in our hook films. Humour drove the campaign’s message home, each film centred on parents calling the emergency services for a frivolous reason; their child had scribbled all over the sofa with pens, their kite was stuck in a tree, or they hadn't been as lively as usual.

The finished films were launched as part of a Facebook campaign which had a massive impact. The hook film received over 750,000 views, with lots of engagement from our target audience discussing the campaign’s themes and tagging their friends in comments. Following the success of the hook films, we made three educational videos about common childhood illnesses fronted by a Liverpool GP detailing what parents should do in the event of their child having them. These were also hugely successful and had over 100,000 views.

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