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St Helens Investment Scheme

St. Helens Borough Council required a number of assets to be shown on the Liverpool stand at the International Festival for Business. They wanted a hero film that told the story of all the great businesses in Liverpool, how many sectors there are and the different brands to be found in the city. The aim was to attract potential investors to Liverpool.

Our idea was to create a film which took the audience on a whistlestop tour of the city, inspired by hyperlapse films we had seen of other locations. This style of shooting gives the sensation to the viewer of flying around the city, zipping into spaces as they meet people from industries such as advanced manufacturing, maritime, digital creative pharmaceuticals, whilst also telling a story about connectivity and infrastructure.

To make this vision come to life, we created a journey for the camera and the audience to go on. The route the story took was shaped after liaising with stakeholders and organisations our client wanted us to feature in the film. We then organised the shoot, having arranged location permissions for the places we wanted to showcase.

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