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PGR Origins

University of Liverpool

Driving Diversity in Research Through Cinematic Storytelling

The University of Liverpool launched the PGR Origins Campaign to spotlight the diverse backgrounds and remarkable journeys of its PhD students and alumni. Aimed at enhancing diversity within its research staff and student community, the initiative sought to capture personal triumphs and unique perspectives through a series of impactful films.



The challenge was to authentically represent the diverse experiences and triumphs of PhD students and alumni, particularly those from underrepresented groups, in a way that would resonate with potential students and raise awareness about the University's inclusive research community.


Mocha embraced this creative challenge with enthusiasm, drawing on its successful collaboration with the University of Liverpool on the "Origin Stories" campaign. The approach was to produce a flagship film and a series of deep-dive interviews that combined cinematic storytelling with personal narratives. Inspired by superhero ensemble casts, the campaign portrayed PhD students and alumni as heroes of their own stories, showcasing their potential to change the world through research. The flagship film, designed as a dramatic TV series trailer, and the individual "Origin Stories" highlighted the diversity and determination of the university's research cohort, reinforcing the message that excellence knows no bounds.

Flagship Campaign Film
PGR Origins Stories - Case Study - Ebru

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