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Photo dump from day one of our shoot for @oneplanetadventure. We were due to shoot the day before but had to reschedule due to rain and wind. Aside from the childcare issues it created, it turned out to be the best call ever. The rushes are amazing…

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Still going… Big love to our hard working team (crew, client and cast) ❤️💪🏼🥱🎬

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Long old day today. Call 0800 Wrap 0200 Those long summer days are no good for night shoots 😵‍💫

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Travelling light(s)

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It was refreshing when a client recently approached us with a brief that didn’t take itself too seriously whilst not undermining the importance of safety. Their ambition was to get employees thinking and talking about Safety, Health & Environment…

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Check out this testimonial from PwC's Tom Jenkins... #pwc #testimonial #videoproduction

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Happy World Environment Day from the Mocha Team! Are you doing your part today? #OnlyOneEarth #Environment #actnowforfuture

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We recently worked with Hitch Marketing on an award winning campaign that led to someone finding out they were HIV positive and subsequently receiving treatment. The approach used a single green screen set-up to record interviews and obtain…

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Lots of love to our wonderful friend and colleague @katieeeos aka @above_the_noise_katie who’s moving on to a new, exciting role in hospitality next week. She’ll be staying on as a non-exec director, helping us work ‘on’, rather than ‘in’ the…

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It’s about time we shared more of our behind the scenes moments, take a look at what we’ve been working on. #behindthescenes #videoproduction #storytelling

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Perfect if you are a freelancer, have a side hustle or like to spend time with friends and family part-week. Contact if interested ✅ #hiring #talent #creativeaccountmanager #producer

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