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Playing (falling in love) with a Ronin4D courtesy of @pixipixeluk

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Our journey with the Eurovision Legacy film has been nothing short of extraordinary. Countless filming and editing hours, contributions from talented individuals and filmmakers, and insights from a stellar cast of speakers. We fell in love with this…

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Big shout out to everyone who made it along to “From Eurovision to Empowerment” last night - especially our collaborators, @artsbarbaltic for hosting us and @culture_liverpool for supporting the project 🙏🏼🇺🇦 * This was a bit outside our…

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We came. We saw. We won the cup.

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Still not sure about the power of video? 93% of sellers, marketers and customer experience reps report that video converts the same or better than any other content form. We’ve created videos that have generated over 1 million impressions,…

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Kelly Davies is a former Wales and professional footballer and an award winning Social Entrepreneur, so it was a pleasure to speak to her as part of our video series celebrating 20 years of the University of Liverpool’s Management School, and her…

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Sunflower House is an important new in-patient psychiatric facility at @alderhey Children’s Hospital. The Trust commissioned us to create a series of videos, including a Matterport virtual tour, to show children and their families what to expect…

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It’s crazy to look back and think that this was the first fully remote video we created in 2020 🤯   We met with the University of Liverpool’s School of Environmental Sciences the day before the UK was plunged into lockdown to discuss creating a…

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I can achieve anything 💪   With this video for The University of Liverpool’s Origins Stories, we created a fun, superhero atmosphere to match the motto of ‘discover your superpower at the University of Liverpool’. @livuni #Mocha #MochaTV…

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Wondering what the most effective way to communicate with your employees is? 🎥 75% of employees are more likely to watch a video than read an email or other text, according to a study by Forrester Research. Increase employee engagement using…

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Want to spike the interest level in your programme, product or service? We can help with that 😃   We recently created a video about the Executive Doctorate in Business Administration programme for the @livuni Management School that significantly…

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