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Harnessing insight to create a multi-platform targeted recruitment campaign

Doubled applicant numbers



BAE Systems needed to double the number of young people they recruit to their aerospace and software Engineering Degree Apprenticeship Scheme (EDAS).

To help them achieve this ambitious target they wanted an engaging and compelling campaign targetting 17-18 year olds living in Preston, Hull and Somerset.

We conducted insight work with the target audience which revealed a number of key findings which we used to inform our creative approach. Below are a few examples.

We used the insight to find out which channels would be best to reach the target audience.

Our idea was to create a film-based campaign that used the stories of ‘real apprentices’ to articulate a clear and compelling narrative about EDAS that would catch the interest and imaginations of our target audience. We spoke to a number of apprentices across the country to identify a diverse selection of contributors to feature in the campaign. We selected individuals with interesting stories to tell that people would be able to identify with.

We produced a series of films, each one focussing on an individual apprentice. We wanted the target audience to feel empathy and relate to each story. Our insight had told us that potential recruits needed to be able to see their future self walking in the apprentice’s shoes – if we started at too high a level we risked alienating and disengaging them. For this reason we wanted each film to open with a strong sense of place, with messages that would speak to our audience’s current situation and concerns.

These films were delivered in multiple formats, tailored to the requirements of the platform and context they would be seen within.

“There’s no way to get a degree without getting into debt.”

“If you do an apprenticeship you miss out on the student lifestyle.”

“Apprenticeships are manual jobs for people who aren’t academically strong.”

“Doing an apprenticeship limits future career options.”


One of the biggest barriers to people applying for a Degree Apprenticeship is a lack of understanding about what they actually are.

We created a series of short, eye-catching animations that tackle misconceptions head on.

These films were used as part of a paid (and organic) campaign on social, featuring a strong call to action driving prospects to a unique campaign URL.

The results

The campaign resulted in double the number of EDAS applications in 2019 than in 2018.


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