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Engineering Degree Apprenticeships



BAE Systems need to double the number of young people they recruit to their aerospace and software Engineering Degree Apprenticeship Scheme (EDAS).

To help them achieve this ambitious target they wanted an engaging and compelling campaign targetting 17-18 year olds living in Preston, Hull and Somerset. The client was keen to use cinema advertising to reach the audience.

There is a current trend in brand and social media video towards authentic story-telling content that features ‘real people’. Our idea was to create a film-based campaign that used the stories of ‘real apprentices’ to articulate a clear and compelling narrative about EDAS that would catch the interest and imaginations of our target audience.We spoke to a number of apprentices across the country to identify a diverse selection of contributors to feature in the campaign. We selected individuals with interesting stories to tell that people would be able to identify with. We created a suite of assets (film, photography and brand language) that could be used across promoted and organic social channels, cinema advertising, career events and school outreach.

As a direct result of the campaign, the number of applications for the Degree Apprenticeship Scheme increased by over 100% against the previous year.

1 x cinema ad // 5 x social films // 5 x long form films // 5 x animations £50k

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