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End of Year

University of Liverpool

Powerful stories to inspire a whole organisation

After two years of challenges caused by the COVID pandemic, the University of Liverpool wanted to make a film that acknowledged the hard work of their staff. Their hope was to engender a sense of pride and purpose by reiterating the impact staff have on their students’ lives.

Our idea was a simple one, to focus on the human stories of the university’s students. To confirm this was the right direction to take, we conducted insight interviews with potential contributors. From them we were able to pull out the strongest, most resonant narrative possible.

In the final film, a quote by Nelson Mandela, ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’ was the opening text on screen, setting the scene for the stories we were about to tell. A number of past and present students were then shown talking about the power of education and their personal experience at the University of Liverpool. Our interviewees were shot cinematically with beautiful lighting so the focus was on them and what they were saying.

When the film was published on LinkedIn the comments were overwhelmingly positive and proved it had achieved its goal of creating pride in the work University of Liverpool do.

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