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Striker II

BAE Systems

The Launch of Striker II

BAE Systems embarked on a journey to introduce the Striker II helmet, a groundbreaking development in aviation technology designed to enhance the operator's experience in fast jet operations. The anticipation surrounding the release of Striker II was significant, given its potential to revolutionise the cockpit environment. To match this anticipation, BAE Systems sought a promotional film that would not only highlight the helmet's advanced capabilities but also appeal to a diverse audience including customers, stakeholders, and journalists at the launch event.



The primary challenge lay in creating a film that did justice to the sophisticated technology embedded within the Striker II helmet while simultaneously weaving a complex narrative that underscored both the helmet's capabilities and its benefits. The task was to convey technical excellence and transformative impact in a manner that was both engaging and informative.


Our approach was multifaceted, focusing on both the symbolism and operational drama of the Striker II helmet. Key elements included:

Dynamic Filming: Captured the pilot's interaction with the helmet, from approaching the jet to takeoff, using a jib-mounted camera for dynamic shots.

Runway Footage: Coordinated with flight operations for access to restricted runway areas, filming the jet's takeoff to highlight the helmet's operational context.

Cockpit GoPro Footage: Installed GoPro cameras in the cockpit in collaboration with the flight crew, showcasing the helmet's functionality during flight.

Synthetic Training Filming: Filmed in a synthetic environment to demonstrate the helmet's display and symbology features, emphasizing its technological capabilities.

This condensed strategy ensured comprehensive coverage of the Striker II helmet's integration into flight operations, capturing its essence and technological prowess within a dramatic operational framework.

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