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Liverpool Calling: Capturing Eurovision's Legacy

In anticipation of the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest, Liverpool City Council commissioned Mocha to produce a film capturing the essence and excitement of the event. This legacy film aimed to weave the journey from Ukraine's win in 2022 to Liverpool's acclaimed hosting, portraying the city as a beacon of cultural dynamism and hospitality. The project was uniquely challenging, requiring the team to film throughout Eurovision, capturing moments and stories that unfolded behind the scenes, embodying the spirit and complexity of the occasion.



The task was multifaceted: to document the event in real-time, to collate and integrate perspectives from a wide array of high-profile individuals and to synthesize the vibrant Eurovision atmosphere. This involved not only capturing the spectacle of Eurovision but also managing the logistics of coordinating interviews with senior figures, including the Ukrainian Ambassador, the Secretary of State for Culture, and city mayors, enhancing the narrative with their insights while ensuring a positive experience for all participants.


Understanding the event's multilayered narrative required Mocha to embark on a collaborative journey, utlising our own crews as well as working with other filmmakers across the city, including Wes Storey, The Guide, and securing footage from the BBC. This collective effort was crucial in documenting Eurovision's impact on Liverpool, capturing unseen moments and bringing together diverse voices to tell a compelling story.

Mocha's role extended beyond filmmaking to coordinating crucial meetings, from the Secretary of State's office to embassy visits, ensuring the film's production was seamless and inclusive. The comprehensive coverage included not only a long-form piece but also shorter social films, premiered at the "Liverpool Calling" event, to amplify the city's message and engage with potential event partners and communities.

Legacy Film
Flagship [CUTDOWN]
Eurovision Social Teaser

An English Lady’s Wardrobe

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