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Launch Film: 200 Years

Liverpool John Moores University

Celebrating 200 Years of Innovative thinking

The introduction of "200 Years, Always Ahead of Our Time" as the bicentenary's strapline successfully captured the essence of LJMU's enduring legacy and its continual drive for excellence. Its application across out-of-home, print, and digital media not only amplified the reach of the bicentennial celebrations but also cemented LJMU's identity as an institution that has consistently been at the forefront of education and innovation. Through this multifaceted campaign, Mocha demonstrated its ability to harness creative storytelling and strategic messaging to celebrate and propel the LJMU brand into its next century of influence.



The task extended beyond crafting a film to encapsulating 200 years of innovation and progress in a single, powerful message that could be adapted across diverse platforms, from out-of-home advertising to digital campaigns. The challenge lay in distilling the university's rich history and forward-looking ethos into a strapline that would resonate across all forms of communication, reinforcing LJMU's identity as a pioneering institution.


Mocha's approach was holistic, involving deep engagement with the university's community to capture the authentic spirit and aspirations of LJMU. By intertwining insights and perspectives from those at the heart of LJMU's story with Mocha's creative expertise, the team was able to forge a strapline that not only highlighted the university's heritage of leading change but also its commitment to shaping the future.

This collaborative process demonstrated the power of combining authentic stories with creative vision to produce a brand message that is unique and impactful. The strapline served as a versatile tool, adaptable across various communication channels, ensuring a cohesive and powerful message that underscored LJMU's bicentennial celebrations and its ongoing mission.

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